The Data Center Mural Project (Google)

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Project Details

In 2016, we were approached to assist Google for their Data Center Mural Project. This project was created as a partnership with artists to bring a bit of the magic from the inside of Google data centers to the outside. Whether it’s sharing photos, searching the web, or translating languages, billions of requests are sent to ‘the cloud’ every day. But few people know all this information flows through physical locations, called data centers. Because these buildings typically aren’t much to look at, people usually don’t, and rarely learn about the incredible structures and people who make so much of modern life possible. The Data Center Project is changing that. Our focus was documenting the large scale, hand-painted murals at Google data center facilities using time-lapse techniques. We offered specialized consultation and final time-lapse production at facilities in Oklahoma and Iowa. To capture the start to finish murals within the high security facilities, we configured unmanned camera systems to shoot for multiple months. One of our most unique rigs utilized a portable cell tower capable of reaching heights over 100 feet tall. We split the difference and rigged our camera 50′ above the ground to center the 100′ tall wall. In addition to all time-lapse, we also captured live-action video and aerial sequences. All aerial work was performed in collaboration with our friends at Ascend Aerials. All post production was handled independently of UPTHINK.


Agency: 1st Ave Machine     |    Check out the full project: The Data Center Mural Project