INCEPTION – VZW Sponsorship Campaign

2D/3D Interactive Elements

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Project Details

For the July, 2010 release of the blockbuster hit, INCEPTION, we worked closely with Moxie Interactive to create the Verizon Wireless Sponsorship campaign for the film. Our role included the creation of original 3D content for the entire micro-site (all graphical elements, transitions, videos, etc), mobile app content, demo videos, and content for the rich media banners. For the micro site, we created a CG room with interactive elements that were influenced by the film to ensure we aligned with the Inception and DROID advertising campaign(s). The content was created prior to the films release, so we had to rely heavily on the trailer for inspiration. This led us to build a bending city block from scratch along with a detailed 3D model of the briefcase.


Agency: Moxie Interactive     |    Sound Design: Michael Wynne