Simon Beck – #ProjectSnow

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Project Details

The world’s most renowned Snow Artist, Simon Beck combines geometrical and orienteering brilliance, physical endurance and pure creativity to craft stunning large scale art installations using snowy mountain landscapes as his canvas and nothing more than a compass and a pair of snowshoes as his brushes. #ProjectSnow is a spectacularly beautiful, poignant visual montage of ‘Snow Art’ in motion, which intimately captures the creative journey of internationally-acclaimed snow artist Simon Beck during his first artistic exploration of North America. #ProjectSnow tells the visual story of Beck’s magnificent imprints on the pristine, mountainous landscape of Banff National Park in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies – his latest winter canvas.

Learn more about the project at the official microsite.


Client: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

Film Score by: James Everingham

Director of Photography / Colorist / Editor: Doug Urquhart

Additional Cinematography by: Justin Majeczky