View Dynamic Glass

Production for ViewGlass Marketing Video

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Project Details

View Dynamic Glass tints electronically in response to the outside world, preserving your view and keeping you cool. Now your windows are intelligent, alive, and under your control. No heat, no glare, and no blinds– only savings on your next energy bill.

In early 2014 we teamed up with our friends at LYDA Interactive to handle the cinematography along with some general consulting for a new marketing video about View Dynamic Glass. We love solving problems with unique solutions and this project offered us plenty of opportunity to do so. The project had some unique challenges mainly centered around the fact that the client’s unique, dynamically tinting glass product was not currently installed on a large scale yet when production started. We explored various approaches and finally settled on shooting HDR-X with the RED EPIC in real locations around the city of Atlanta. This allowed us to capture two exposure plates in real-time with live-action talent moving throughout the scene. In post production, we worked with LYDA’s in-house team to find an optimal solution for color grading and compositing the two exposure passes (think: tint pass / no tint pass) to generate a result that resembled the actual product. When production began, Spring was still a few months away so there is heavy background compositing to bring some lush foliage into the imagery. We think the end product turned out great and we look forward to the days of utilizing the View Glass product in our studio and home.